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Acupuncture Treatment for Pain

Regarding pain relief:
I had gone to a chiropractor two days prior to my first appointment with Dr. Hays yet my neck was still popping. Dr. Hays treated my neck and upper back and the popping went away. I thought that she was a genius right from the start!

-- Sincerely, Lucy Walsh, Morgan Hill, 2013

Robin is a god send! She does the acupunture for my boyfriend,who suffering from adrenal burnout,And it helps him a lot with his anxiety and stress.

I saw her once and I couldn't tell you how amazing it is! Beautiful waiting room, with chairs so nice that I didn't know if I should sit on them. I filled out a form explaining my pain and was taken to a room that was sooo calming, I know each room is different, It was all blue with a Hawaiian theme on the ceiling light. She talked to me about my pain. I have tendonities, and she was very nice to talk to. She took her time to even talk about my dad's auto shop and then when it was time to do the actual procedure it was so quick I didnt even know she started! After she did that she placed a heat lamp next to me, awesome bonus! I fell asleep quickly. Felt great when I woke up.

-- Marissa C., Milpitas, 3/7/2013

Shoulder & Arm Pain
I've been getting acupuncture, chiropractic treatments and massage (with Jerry Donner) at Natural Health Center for over a year now. This place is just the BEST!! Robin is great (acupuncture). She's helped me to heal from a serious fall that damaged my left shoulder. I was unable to raise my arm and was in constant pain 'till I went to Natural Health Center. I heard about Robin from a friend who recommended them because she is the only one who was able to help his wife with nausea and pain.

Lana (chiropractor) is currently working on me for some serious back pain. The problem isn't gone but I'm pain free for days after she treats and adjusts me.

And Jerry, what can I say except that he does the best massage I've ever had (and I've had many). If you're in pain, have issues that your doctor just wants to throw expensive prescriptions at, or can't seem get the regular old medical folks to listen to you I highly recommend Natural Health Center. Everyone there is kind, concerned and helpful and Robin is really wonderful. She really cares about helping people.

-- Rosalie A., Alviso, 12/18/2010

Shoulder Pain
I have had shoulder pain for 3 years after lifting a heavy suitcase while on vacation. I have tried physical theraphy, ointments, hot and cold compresses, but have never had any relief. After one acupuncture session with Dr. Hays the pain is gone. It is so amazing. I never tried acupuncture before and thought it would hurt, but I hardly felt anything. I am recommending Dr. Hays to all of my friends.

-- Sharon K., San Jose, 10/25/10

Carpal Tunnel, Neck Pain, Sugar Cravings
Dr Robin Hays, Acupunturist, knows her stuff. I have carpal issues, neck issue and sugar cravings. She does NAET for cravings,which usually costs alot more on its own....she didn't charge extra....love that.... and she also has homeopathic remedies that have helped too with sugar cravings. . She's extremely professional and knowledgeable and I like the fact that she's has knowledge of other modalities that enhance Acupunture. I highly recommend her without reservation.

-- Kate A., Campbell, 2009

Sports Injury
I am a big fan of eastern medicine, and having undergone acupuncture treatment for pain management for multiple sports related injuries over the years, I have found the treatments only moderately successful.

After being referred to Dr. Robin Hays, by my insurance company, and receiving several orthopedic surgery postoperative acupuncture treatments. I have to admit that her "soft" Japanese style of acupuncture is one of the most pleasant and effective I have ever experienced. I can't believe how fast the healing process has been due to consistent acupuncture treatments throughout the healing process.

I highly recommend Dr. Hays, for anyone who has recently undergone minor or major orthopedic surgery.

-- Steve W., Livermore, 3/19/09

Acute Pain
Robin Hays, Acupuncturist, took my excruciating, hands-sweating, close-to-passing-out PAIN away!!! It's truly no wonder she's voted Best Acupuncturist in Milpitas consecutively since 1997. I fought my pain with ibuprofen for nine months after I had an ovarian cyst removed. The ibuprofen no longer helped me and I'd rather avoid traditional doctors and prescription drugs. I highly recommend Dr. Hays for her skill, experience, wonderful peaceful service atmosphere, and NO WAITING!! The results have been beyond my expectations with an overall sense of well being, which I experienced from my very first visit. Rates are very reasonable. Beats any medical facility deal by miles!

-- Em N., Ventura, 4/23/2008

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