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Acupuncture & Woman's Health

Fertility, General Health
Robin Hays has been my primary healthcare practitioner since 2006. I initially came to see her for fertility treatments. Under her expert and compassionate care, my healthy, beautiful son was born 11 months after my first treatment. Since then, she has successfully treated for me for several ailments. I always leave Robin's office energized, rejuvenated and in excellent spirits. She is everything I look for in an healer: intelligent, compassionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to her patients.

-- Thank you, S.A., 3/3013

Regarding the need for 'tune-ups:
Since 1997, I have continued to see Dr. Hays on a regular basis when I do not feel well because as we age, our bodies need to be kept in balance. I like to run circles around people my age and younger and acupuncture allows me to do so.

-- Sincerely, Lucy Walsh, Morgan Hill, 2013

I took acupuncture treatment from Dr Robin Hays for fertility issues. I took around 10 seatings. And I must say, it worked wonders for me. Dr Hays is very gentle when it comes to those acupuncture pins. Her knowledge and experience in this field is amazing. She also answered my questions/issues in detail. I would definitely recommend her.

-- S.A., Pleasanton, 5/9/2010

Female Issues
I have to give this place and Dr Hays 5 stars. I was referred to see Dr Hays by my Doctor for some female issues I am having. I also told Dr Hays about my troubled shoulder from working on a computer all day and thought hey this would be great to be treated for 2 things! Robin was patient and spent a lot of time with me on our initial consultation and listened to me and took notes. I have been seeing her for over a month now and my shoulder which was in constant pain before feels so much better!

I never believed in acupuncture but now I am a believer! Robin has always been great with me and always very patient. I would not see any other acupuncturist now. I am also referring her to my coworker who also has arm/shoulder pain.

-- Wendy N., Milpitas, 2009

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